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Short Stories Party in ORT Rabin (Gan Yavne)

I must say that our students of "mofet" grade 8 are really lucky! They have the most experienced and what is more important - the most creative teacher in our school. Sara is always in search with her pupils and they are never bored. They write letters to International Committee of the Red Cross to protect Gilad Shalit (11 graders), read Shakespeare's poems and even write their own short stories!

All these stories were collected in one book and it was published! We (students, teachers, parents) celebrated the birthday of the new book some days ago. Welcome!

Sorry for the quality of the video, it was too dark in the hall.

Klimi's speech.

Edna's speech.

Sara's speech.

Some extracts from the stories.



The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Basketball Player

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